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Secure cheap self storage in Kumeu

Whatever you want to store, from cars and boats to household goods and high valued items, we have a storage solution for you. We  can store any household goods or business material , or cars or outside storage.

We use brand new shipping containers, as storage units to store your goods, because they are dry , secure , rodent proof, and easily accessable. The ceilings have 75ml of insulation, the floors are 28ml thick, mositureproofed and  polyurethaned. They do not get condensation in them.

All prices include GST and there are no other hidden costs or fees.

New standard 20ft shipping containers –   $210 per month (holds approx 3 bedroom houselot)
Interior dimensions:
Width  2.35 metres
Height 2.4   metres
Length 5.9   metres
Cubic capacity  33.2 cubic metres

New hitop 20ft shipping container  $230 per month (holds approx 3-4 bedroom houselot)
Cubic capacity 37.2 cubic metres. These are 300 mm higher than the standard 20ft container.


These have their own door, and are not shared.

New 10ft shipping container             $160 per month (holds approx 2 bedroom household)
All Interior dimensions:

16 cubic mtr                                 2.84 length x 2.35width x 2.393 height.

11.39 cubic mtr 9ft shipping container 2.59 length x 2.11 width x 2.08 height        $140 per month

7.8 cubic mtr 8ft shipping container 2.33length x 1.91 width x 1.760 height           $130   per month

5.4 cubic mtr    7ft shipping container   2.08 length x 1.71 width x 1.52 height           $110   per month

3.5 cubic mtr 6ft shipping container   1.500 length x 1.82width x 1.28height          $80 per month

2.25 cubic mtr 5ft shipping container  1.57length x 1.31width x 1.10 height           $60 per month.

  • Inside car storage –                                             $210 per month
  • Store your own 20ft container                              $130 per month
  • Yard storage for anything.. 20ft and 40ft container, car storage, truck storage, trailer storage,


We understand that everyone has different needs and we’ll work with you to find the best storage solution for you.


Kumeu truck rentals has a range of affordable trucks to hire on site, that can be driven on a car license.

0800-586-387 for truck hire.


kumeu truck rentals
insulated ceiling and polyurethaned floors

Italian plywood and 75 mm of insulation prevents any condensation

Italian plywood and 75 mm of insulation prevents any condensation

All our containers arrive brand new and will remain dry for at least 20 years

All our containers arrive brand new and will remain watertight for at least 20 years

Lock boxes make containers secure

Lock boxes make containers secure