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FAQ about Storage

Do the containers leak?
We guarantee they won’t leak – they are brand new.  They are made from solid steel which is five times thicker than roofing iron. They are painted in 2 pot industrial paint. All the joins are welded by robots and tested. Apart from the high up air vents, they are one of the most sealed spaces available. The doors have a double thick rubber strip that even  the smallest insects can’t get past.

Why do some shipping containers leak?
Some are over 40 years old, but age is not what makes them leak. It’s when they are moved around on ships and they become damaged and dented – then they lose their paint and the water doesn’t drain causing rust.  Our containers are brand new with no dents.

Are the shipping containers secure?
They all have a security lock box on them which makes it virtually impossible to break into. We suggest our customers put three padlocks on each container for extra security, and the steel is so thick it is almost impossible to enter without unlocking the padlocks. We also have a high voltage electric fence and CCTV cameras throughout our yard providing a top security solution. Arrow security patrol the property at night.

Do shipping containers sweat?
All our containers have four or eight vents. Containers have been known to sweat when going from one climate to another on ships. There are thousands of containers used in Auckland for storage as it is a very moderate climate. All our containers have high quality Italian plywood with 75 mm of ceiling insulation on the ceiling for no extra charge. The floors are 28 mm thick with tar underneath them and then we polyurethane them to keep them clean and suitable for storing all sorts of items in a clean environment. They do not get condensation with the plywood and insulation.

Can I buy the container?
Yes! The price of the container depends on the $USD as well as the size of the container. If you purchase a container or supply your own, then you only pay $120 per month to keep it at our storage facility. We can arrange the freight between locations to make the process easy and seamless for you. We can store your own container.

Are your shipping containers clean?
Most people have never seen inside a new container and are pleasantly surprised when they go in ours, because they are brand new, and barely have  a mark on the inside or outside. We polyurethane the floors for easy cleaning and the walls are industrial painted for easy wiping. The floors are 28mm  hardwood, that are coated in tar, for moisture proofing, underneath.

What hours can I access my belongings?
Our customers are given a unique security code to access our storage site between the hours of 6.30am – 8.00pm. If you need to regularly access your unit outside of these hours then we can arrange out of hours access for you.

Are they easy to access?

Generally , every container can be parked immediately in front off ,, for easy loading and unloading.