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Storage Tips

Self storage handy hints.

  • Its possible to buy cardboards boxes for moving from Mitre 10, many dairies will happily give you some . http://www.packagingrecyclers.co.nz/ sell cardboard boxes. Ask and look on the local facebook community pages, as people often are keen to get rid of their boxes after moving.
  • I listen to past customers , who have used house movers, and find that while someone is very happy with this moving company, someone else is very unsatisfied, and ive had people use one company twice, and been very happy,  and the next time very unhappy. It can depend , very much on the two guys they send out.  Asking on local facebook community pages can be useful . Ive had three positive feedbacks about Kurt transport.  Wayne Lilly from 0800 Mr shifter is good 021-142-9444.. ,, A huapai based house mover is Sharpe shifters 021-297-0171. Ive had more than one positive comments about Holt removals and No1 movers..0800242471.
  • Renting a truck can save you money. The largest truck that you can get on a car license is 20cubic mtrs , which is about a 2 bedroom houselot. Sometimes it just as easy and cheaper to do two trips for a 3bedroom houselot. ( approximately 33cu mtrs) These are available from www.kumeutruckrentals.co.nz .   For a large truck , try http://www.northharbourrentals.co.nz/
  • Get as much help as possible , Moving can be stressful.
  • Dont put things in storage that are wet. If its raining, be patient, the least damp the better. Its very hard to dry things once they are in storage. If you cant avoid it because of the weather, come back on the next warm day and leave the door open for as long as possible. Putting dessicant  in the storage unit is always helpful in a damp climate like Auckland. This can be obtained from us or trademe.